Humma 20-25 20T Crane

The Humma 20-25 articulated pick and carry crane has set the benchmark high for 20T cranes. The modular design allows for easy replacement of components and complete corrosion protection of all parts before assembly. The unique airbag suspension system coupled with the 4 point rubber mounted cabin provides an incredibly smooth drive with excellent vibration isolation and very low noise levels. Operator position sound levels in the cabin are 60.9 db(A) at low idle and 77db(A) at high idle as measured by an independent company. These results are just part of the Humma's impressive feature list that are important for any workplace OH&S.

Some of the standard features of the Humma crane include;

  • A unique 4 camera colour cctv system. The system incorporates a rear and two side cameras plus a winch mounted camera that can all be viewed at once on the one screen. This gives the operator full 360 degree vision at one time. This enables the operator to reverse and operate the crane safely with full awareness of his surrounding area.
  • Separate roof mounted air conditioning and in dash heating systems.
  • Driver and passenger seats.
  • Digital gauge display with onscreen engine diagnostics.

As standard, a Cummins 285hp ADR 80/02 compliant engine is used in all Humma cranes. Emission compliance is assisted by the addition of a combined exhaust stack and catalyst. This allows reduced emissions and has the huge benefit of engine noise reduction while not harming any engine performance. An integrated exhaust brake is also included as a standard item.

Allison fully automatic transmission (with torque converter lock up) combined with the ZF transfer case and Kessler axles provide an extremely high quality driveline that will stand up to the most rugged terrain. The airbag suspension system provides the operator with a huge advantage when operating in soft ground conditions. The airbag suspension system allows for positive pressure on each wheel corner which greatly assists in wheel traction allowing access to soft or sandy areas.

Crane hydraulics are supplied by a 303 L/min 3 segment pump that can be disconnected while the crane is running via the Muncie PTO. The steering circuit is supplied by a separate 108 L/min pump and a backup electric pump can be used for emergency situations.

Dual boom extension cylinders allow the 4 fully fabricated booms to extend to an impressive 20.5M of boom length with no manual extension. The operator can extend his booms fully without leaving the cabin. With the addition of an optional 5M telescopic fly jib, the crane operator can reach as far as 25.5 M in the full 60 degrees of boom angle. Crane lifting is equally as impressive with 20 Tonnes at 1.6M of radius from sliding hook on boom 2. Booms at full extension of 20.5M, 17.2M radius allow 1050kg through the full 42 degrees of articulation.

The Humma 20-25 sets the standard for true 20T lift capable cranes. The furthest reach and lift for any crane in its class combined with a low maintenance design and feature packed as standard makes the Humma the crane of choice.