Engine Cummins ISC285
213 KW 1085 NM
Exhaust brake
ADR 80/02 Compliant
Transmission Allison 3000SP
Fully automatic 6 speed
TC417 Converter
Transfer case ZF VG 750
2/4WD & Hi/Lo air shifted
2:1 low ratio 1:1 high ratio
Axles Kessler D81PL477 High speed planetary axles
Wedge brake operation
Rear axle diff lock
Front wheel holding brake
Tyres and rims 14.00 x 20 x 20 cross ply tyres
20”x 10” 10 stud 335 PCD wheels
Suspension Airbag suspension with shock absorbers.
Front suspension lock pins for crane lifting.
Hydraulics 3 segment crane control pump with electric disconnect feature. 447 L/min
Single segment crane steering pump. 87 L/min
Automatically engaging electric emergency steering pump.
Pilot hydraulic controls. Integrated oil cooler.
250bar working pressure
Tank size Diesel – 440L
Hydraulic oil - 486L
Cabin Rubber mounted for vibration and noise isolation.
Standard features include:
Driver and passenger air seat
4 colour camera CCTV
Adjustable steering wheel
Separate heating and air conditioning units
Murphy PV750 digital display with error logging
Robway or 3B6 Load Moment Indicator systems
Articulation 120mm diameter articulation and boom pivot pins with spherical bearings.
Adjustable articulation joint.
Booms 4 part booms fully fabricated.
Fully powered out to 20.5M
Dual hydraulic cylinders
5T single line pull winch.
2 speed winch option.
Reeved 6 parts for 30T
Dimension 10.7M Long
2.7M Wide
3.1M High
5.0M Wheel base
5M inside wheel turning circle
Axle Loadings Front axle 11500kg
Rear axle 11800kg