Humma UV35-25 35T Crane


The Humma UV35-25 articulated mobile pick and carry crane combines all the features and advantages of the Humma 20-25 and UV25-25 into a class leading pick and carry crane. The dual counterweight system allows the crane to be road registered and driven from site to site. With the addition of the extra 2T counterweight the crane becomes an even more powerful lifter, perfect for longer term site use.

Airbag suspension and uprated articulation and boom pin sizing ensures long lasting pivots with no need for regular line boring.

Some of the unique but standard features of the Humma crane include;

  • A unique 4 camera colour cctv system. The system incorporates a rear and two side cameras plus a winch mounted camera that can all be viewed at once on the one screen. This gives the operator full 360 degree vision at one time. This enables the operator to reverse and operate the crane safely with full awareness of his surrounding area.
  • Separate roof mounted air conditioning and in dash heating systems.
  • Driver and passenger air seats.
  • Digital gauge display with onscreen engine diagnostics.
  • Side by side seating in cabin with operator position sound levels at 60.9 db(A) at low idle and 77db(A) at high idle.
  • Digital display incroporating engine and transmission diagnostics. Seperate to LMI.
  • 1T counterweight for road use. 2T counterweight for site use.

Excellent lifting capabilities combined with a rugged design ensures low maintenance and running costs for long term trouble free lifting.

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