DRA Crane - overview




DRA Group's engineering division, Construct Engineering with its extensive experience in pneumatics, hydraulics and structural design together with experienced crane engineers launched the RC2020 project in 1997. The specification was maximum safety for the operator, maximum reach and lifting capacity, greater reliability and minimum maintenance costs. The cranes today are a direct result from consultation with industry, from operators to riggers to maintenance personnel.

By 2002 after extensive field operations the RC2020 has established itself as a unique crane meeting all of the design specifications criteria. The innovative air suspension makes the RC2020 the most comfortable and safest lift and carry crane available. The airbag suspension system has the added bonus of reducing vibration and shock loading through the crane structure. This results in minimal wear in articulation and pivot points increasing bearing life and reducing maintenance costs.

DRA prides itself with being able to customise each crane to the customers required needs. Whether it be specific lifting attachments, dual winches or in cabin electronics, we can design and modify as required.

35T container Pink 20T boom
35T tank