The Next Generation in Fire rated Aboveground Storage tanks

  • Manufactured exclusively by Steel Tank Institute (STI) members.
  • Two-hour UL 2085 fire rating, including ballistics and vehicle impact resistance.
  • Acceptable for motor vehicle fuelling applications. Codes allow Fireguard® tanks to be placed with reduced separation distances from buildings and property lines.
  • Fireguard's secondary containment can be tightness- tested on-site, using standard testing procedures.
  • Fireguard's exterior steel wall provides superior weather ability and low-cost maintenance. Unlike concrete, cracking or spalling will never be a problem.
  • Lightweight insulation material is 75% lighter than concrete -- shipping and installation costs are reduced.
15,000 L
Typical concrete-encased tank
21,000 kg
15,000 L
Fireguard tank
5,500 kg
  • Built with strict independent third-party quality control.
  • Available in horizontal, vertical or rectangular designs, on saddles, skid supports.