Sturdy and compact support for you backup or emergency power generator

  • Tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratory as a Special Purpose Tank.
  • Available in fire-protected, fire-resistant, double wall or single-wall flanged designs with a load bearing capacity of 2,700 kg per attachment point.
  • Protected tank construction tested to UL2085. Fire-resistant construction tested to SwRI 97-04.
  • Low-profile rectangular design with capacity of up to 50,400 litres, 1200 high, 3500 wide and 12000 long.
  • Protected tank design also available with internal supports with a load-bearing capacity up to 7,950 kg per support beam.
  • Double-wall, fire-resistant and protected tank designs offer integral secondary containment which can be tested for tightness on-site throughout tank life.
  • Primary storage tank and secondary containment compatible with a wide range of fuels and additives.