Materials Handling

Construct Engineering is Western Australia's leading automation and materials handling equipment supplier, offering the largest and most diverse range of automation packages to all types of industries. With over 30 years experience in the automation industry, Construct Engineering have set the benchmark for innovative design, quality service and reliable equipment. Construct Engineering supports a wide range of customers across many industries, including mining, chemical, manufacturing, food processing, engineering plants and analytical laboratories. Clients in these sectors vary from large multinational organisations to specialised privately owned companies.

Materials Handling Services

  • Design, build and install all types of conveyors suitable for products conveyed at various rates.
  • Belt, slat, drag, bucket, chain, screw, spiral and roller conveyor design to suit end use.
  • Conveyors for moving minerals, cereals, pipes, manufactured goods and products for distribution centres.

Where an item or product has to be moved and / or interfaced with a machine for further processing we can solve the problem.

Purpose Built Machines

  • Construct Engineering manufactures a range of machines for the meat industry such as pelt removal for sheep and cattle. The range is considerable and are all built to order.
  • Some purpose built items are designed and built according to the clients requirements.