DRA Tank - overview

DRA Tank specialises in the fabrication and design of tanks, silos and bins up to 250,000L in capacity. Tanks for storage of all types of liquids for above and below ground are available in a range of carbon steels or stainless steel. A range of standard tanks is also available.

DRA Tank became a member of the Steel Tank Institute (STI) in 2001 allowing it to manufacture the entire range of STI accredited tanks. Currently DRA holds licenses for Permatank and Flameshield tanks.

Also available are other STI tanks including Gentank, AquaSweep: Oil Water Separator and Fireguard.

All manufacturing is subject to third party inspection in accordance with our STI license. Apart from STI quality control, manufacturing meets all appropriate Australian fabrication standards.


Permatank is a double walled jacketed underground tank consisting of the inner steel tank with corrosion resistant fibreglass outer skin. The leak detection system monitoring the vacuum guarantees no product leakage.

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Gentank provides sturdy support for backup and emergency power generators. The low profile design of the Gentank serves as structural support for the generator mounting. Construction tested to UL2085 and fire resistant construction tested to SwRI 97-04.

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AquaSweep removes non emulsified oils and related petroleum products from stormwater run off down to 15 ppm. Available in single and double wall design. Tested to UL 2215 and ULC-S656 and meets the US EPA clean water act. Range available to match run off flow rates.

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Flameshield is a double walled steel tank for above ground storage of flammable and non flammable liquids. Flameshield meets NFPA 30A fire resistance construction of 2 hours.

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Fireguard tanks

Fireguard tanks are fabricated with an outer steel wall that wont crack or spall like concrete. The unique thermal insulation is 75% lighter than concrete and sufficiently porous enough to facilitate quick emergency venting and/or leak detection.

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