DRA Fire Services

DRA Fire Services are the sole Australasian distributor of the Proteng and Sapfire automatic fire suppression systems.

Both systems are a breakthrough in fire suppression technology with minimal to no maintenance and low installation costs.

The Proteng hose is an extremely effective, yet simple fire suppression device. The system utilises the clean agent FM-200 gas in a specially designed tube. When exposed to fire the gas expands and ruptures the tube at the point of maximum temperature providing a Spot Accurate Fire Extinguisher. Being a clean agent gas, it leaves no residue which makes it highly desirable for electrical installations ranging from basic battery boxes, switchboards to large scale data centres and telecommunication facilities.

The Sapfire system utilises a non pressurised canister containing the proprietary ISTO-1 powder. The powder is highly effective in fire suppression while providing a low cleanup and is also environmentally friendly. The canisters can be activated manually or by thermal or visual sensor. The different sized canisters can supply up to 250 cubic metres of fire suppression. Fire classes A,B,C and E are covered by this system. The low maintenance, low damage Sapfire system is a perfect solution to replacing out dated sprinkler technology.

Both systems are patented worldwide with full ISO 9001, TUV and Australian Standard approvals.
Proteng hose is the ONLY system to have full AS5062 Standard approval.

DRA Fire Services trades as Callanan Fire Protection and further information can be found below:


Proteng Self Suppression Hose

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Proteng Self Suppression Hose

The revolutionary self suppressing fire system used to protect enclosed areas in cars, buses, racing cars, tractors, mining machinery and is also used in power plants, substations, gas industry, banks, households, in companies and everywhere where there is a risk of fire.

Benefits of PROTENG FM200

  • Incredibly simple principle
  • Extremely easy and flexible installation.
  • Reliably and effectively extinguishes the fire in its beginning stage
  • Self-activating device without the need for an operator
  • Secondary effects do not exist
  • Its chemical composition does not endanger your health
  • After activation, and extinguishing the fire, it evaporates leaving no trace, unlike powder extinguishers and will not damage electronic components
  • The system does not require any maintenance or periodic inspection
  • Easy installation in motor vehicles
  • No corrosive effect on metal, destructive effects on plastic or electronics.
  • There is no risk to health of the crew inside the area or vehicle (MSDS chemicals not included)
  • After releasing, the FM200 evaporates leaving no residue


Sapfir System

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Sapfir System

The Sapfir fire suppression system uses the fire-extinguishing power ISTO-1 (environmentally and human health safe) and the non-pressurised TUNGUS modules.The fire-extinguishing powder ISTO-1 is design to extinguish fires of:

  • Class A (solid combustible agents)
  • Class B (liquid combustible agents)
  • Class C (gaseous combustible agents)
  • Class E (electrical equipment under tension.

ISTO-1 is used in extinguishing fires both in the open air and enclosed spaces (domestic buildings, working areas, service rooms, electrical room etc.), in transport and the mining industry, just to name a few.

Based on Mono Ammonium Phosphate, ISTO-1 Powder is:

  • non-abrasive, chemically inert, non aggresive and non-toxic;
  • environmentally friendly, biodegradable;
  • its residue could be added to industrial organic fertilisers.


  • No toxic ingredients
  • No ozone depletion
  • No pressure cylinders (non explosive if heated, not leaking).


  • Used for Class A, B, C, E fires ( involving electrical energized equipment )
  • Can be used for total flooding & local applications
  • Can be installed in almost any industrial or residential risk area
  • Wide temperature operating range ( -60 to + 90 C )
  • The TUNGUS modules are rechargeable

Cost Savings

  • High extinguishing efficiency
  • Low powder consumption
  • Simple installation
  • Minimal maintenance


  • 10 years Standard lifetime.
  • Modules do not require special maintenance.
  • Visual observation for parts damage. Supervision of the electrical circuitry integrity for electrically operated modules.
  • Following system discharge the area should be cleaned by a non-wet method of dry-wiping, brushing off or vacuuming

Health & Safety

  • TUNGUS modules are non-pressurized – non explosive if heated and it is not leaking.
  • TUNGUS modules use ISTO-1 powder ( Mono Ammonium Phosphate based ).
  • ISTO-1 Powder is non-abrasive, chemically inert, non aggressive and non-toxic.
  • ISTO-1 Powder is environmentally friendly, discharged

Fast, Waterless Acting Protection

The system reacts within seconds, It will diffuse the fire quickly and minimise the amount of soot and smoke. The fire damage is usually concentrated to the area/equipment that caught fire.

This also reduces production/operation downtime, with minimal clean-up required, if any (e.g. a non-wet method of dry-wiping, brushing off or vacuuming). The Tungus Modules have a 10-year lifetime warranty and do not require special maintenance.