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DRA Fire Services

DRA Fire Services supply new technology, innovative, effective, safe and low maintenance fire suppression systems for a broad range of industries.

The two main product ranges are the DRA Proteng hose and the DRA Tungus.

Both systems are a breakthrough in fire suppression technology with minimal to no maintenance, low installation costs, autonomous operation and highly effective suppression.

The systems are both environmentally friendly and safe to human interaction.

The DRA Proteng hose is an extremely effective, yet simple fire suppression device. The system utilises the clean agent FM-200 gas in a specially designed tube. When exposed to fire the gas expands and ruptures the tube at the point of maximum temperature providing a Spot Accurate Fire Extinguisher. Being a clean agent gas, it leaves no residue which makes it highly desirable for electrical installations ranging from basic battery boxes, switchboards to large scale data centres and telecommunication facilities.

The DRA Tungus system utilises a non pressurised canister containing the proprietary ISTO-1 powder. The powder is highly effective in fire suppression while providing a low cleanup and is also environmentally friendly. The canisters can be activated manually or by thermal or visual sensor. The different sized canisters can supply up to 250 cubic metres of fire suppression. Fire classes A,B,C and E are covered by this system. The low maintenance, low damage DRA Tungus system is a perfect solution to replacing out dated sprinkler technology.

Both systems are patented worldwide with full ISO 9001, TUV and applicable Australian Standard approvals.

DRA Proteng Hose

DRA Tungus