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DRA Proteng Hose

This revolutionary self suppressing fire system can be used to protect enclosed areas in light and heavy vehicles, agricultural and mining machinery, marine vessels, switchboards and electrical enclosures, anywhere there is a risk of fire. The hose has been used throughout Europe for many years and DRA has now aquired approval for use in Australia.

The hose utilises industry standard FM200 gas for the suppression agent. The specially designed containment tube contains the gas under slight pressure keeping it at the liquid state. Different tube thicknesses are used depending on application and ambient temperatures. A compact pressure gauge is fitted allowing a technician to check the pressure inside the tube which indicates the state of the system. Electrical sensors can also be utilised instead of the analogue gauge allowing external monitoring and integration into to existing fire systems.

When exposed to fire, the FM200 boils inside the tube, increasing the pressure. The fire conversely weakens the outer layer of the containment tube. This causes the tube to rupture at the location of maximum heat releasing the gaseous FM200 into the enclosure and starving the fire of Oxygen. The clean agent FM200 dissipates leaving no residue or powder that requires clean up or can cause damage to sensitive electronics.

Benefits of the DRA Proteng hose.

  • Incredibly simple principle
  • Extremely easy and flexible installation.
  • Reliably and effectively extinguishes the fire in its beginning stage
  • Self-activating device without the need for an operator
  • Autonomous operation
  • After activation, and extinguishing the fire, it dissipates leaving no trace, unlike powder extinguishers and will not damage electronic components
  • The system does not require any maintenance or periodic inspection
  • Easy installation in vehicles, machinery and electrical switchboards
  • No corrosive effect on metal, no destructive effects on plastic or electronics
  • There is no risk to health of the crew inside the area or vehicle


Standards and Approvals.

  • Australian Standard AS5062 – 2016
  • Australian Standard AS1851 – 2016
  • TUV ISO 9001 – 2016
  • TUV ISO 14001 – 2016
  • TUV OHSAS 18001 – 2009
  • Worldwide patent PCT-IB2017-053196
  • AQAP