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DRA Tungus

The DRA Tungus fire suppression systems are a range of compact standalone modules that can be operated both autonomously, manually or incorporated into existing fire control systems. The system is currently used throughout Europe due to its low maintenance and simple design.
All Tungus units are non-pressurised containers containing a cold gas generator and suppression agent. Activation of the Tungus unit can be from thermal, visual or manual sensor operation. Once operated the cold gas generator rapidly produces a harmless gas which increases pressure inside the container. Once the pressure reaches a particular level a burst disc ruptures allowing the suppression agent to be expelled from the container and onto the fire. The suppression agent can be in the form of water (water mist) or through very fine powder ISTO-1. ISTO-1  is environmentally friendly and safe for human contact. Gaseous and Aerosol systems are also available.

DRA Tungus Powder System

ISTO-1 is used in extinguishing fires both in the open air and enclosed spaces (domestic buildings, working areas, service rooms, cable trays etc.), in transport and the mining industry, just to name a few. Based on Mono Ammonium Phosphate, ISTO-1 Powder is:

  • non-abrasive, chemically inert, non aggresive and non-toxic;
  • environmentally friendly, biodegradable;
  • its residue could be added to industrial organic fertilisers.


  • Used for Class A, B, C, E fires ( involving electrical energized equipment )
  • Can be used for total flooding & local applications
  • Can be installed in almost any industrial or residential risk area
  • Wide temperature operating range ( -60 to + 90 C )
  • The TUNGUS modules are rechargeable
  • 0.5kg-24kg models available, up to 250 m^3
  • Special transport version available
  • Explosion proof and Explosion proof coal dust and gas protected model available


  • No toxic ingredients
  • No ozone depletion
  • No pressurised cylinders (non explosive if heated, not leaking).

Cost Savings

  • High extinguishing efficiency
  • Low powder consumption
  • Simple installation
  • Minimal maintenance


  • 10 years Standard lifetime.
  • Modules do not require special maintenance.
  • Visual observation for parts damage. Supervision of the electrical circuitry integrity for electrically operated modules.
  • Following system discharge the area should be cleaned by a non-wet method of dry-wiping, brushing off or vacuuming

Standards and Approvals.

  • Australian Standard AS5062 – 2016
  • Australian Standard AS1851 – 2016
  • CE Certificate PA 1395-0040/2015
  • Swedish SP 4912
  • Swedish SPCR 183
  • AQAP